Wednesday, February 03, 2010

racing and working out

So ski racing finally started yesterday. I placed 13 over everyone that day for class B. (the not good people) I was quite happy to be right in the middle of the pack. Love it. The snow is starting to melt. BOOHOO. But more storms are coming. I am slowly getting my house clean. And getting the paperwork done for the dang insurance companies. PPLLTH.

I have also been doing a program through the MS Society called Fit MS. It is a program to help your mind body and spirit.

Mind (pick one per day)
30min reading
2-3 brain exercises/games/puzzles

Body (pick one per day)
5-9 servings of f/v
48 oz water
no junk food
20-30 min stretching cardio strength training

Spirit (pick one per day)
20-30 min service performed
Outing with friends and family
cultivate new or old hobby
5-10 min meditation or prayer
online support (facebook etc)

If I win the drawing I get the chance to win a Wii.

It is actually pretty fun.
Have a good day everyone.
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