Sunday, July 25, 2010

parade fun, zoo, biking and hiking

So yes it has been awhile since I have done any posting. So here is a quick four pic recap of the first half of summer. We just have had the days of 47. Crazy Utah celebrates there own Pioneer Heritage by having the 4th of July happen twice on the 4th and the 24th. Funny story when Karl Malone came to play basketball for the Jazz he thought everyone in the state was celebrating his birthday because they were so excited he was here. He was born on July 24th. So now I like to say the same thing to my girlfriend Kim!!!

The boys were allowed in this float and they could do the animatronics. Soo fun.

The boys and I have been going down to my parents in Sandy and enjoying the cool condo and doing the fun things we love in Salt Lake County. Like the Zoo. this was one of the first times I have seen the Tigers actually in the water. So fun. They are getting so big.

We have been doing a lot of Geocaching this is one of the sites we came up empty however. We have also been doing a lot of biking and finding lots of fun trails in Weber and Davis County. This site was called end of the line. Which was very frustrating we could see the trail we just couldn't get to the trail. We had fun anyway.

We have also been doing some awesome hiking with some other moms and their kids. We try to go every Friday to lots of different canyons. The boys love it and I love the adult company. We had a fun comment the other day. A new mom had joined us for the first time. They had raced up the hill to meet us. She got to where we were taking a break and said "this is really a hike but I should have known being you and Kristina" I think she had a good time. They will probably bring more water and some snacks if they come again.