Thursday, April 30, 2009

brain teaser


You have to try this please it takes 2 seconds. I could not
Believe this!!! It is from an orthopedic surgeon............. This will
Boggle your mind and you will keep you trying over and over
Again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't.
It's pre-programmed in your brain!

1. Without anyone watching you (they will think you are GOOFY!!)
And while sitting at your desk in front of your computer, lift your
Right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your
Right hand. Your foot will change direction. I told you so!!! And
there's nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how
Stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again,
If you've not already done so.

Send it to your friends to frustrate them too.

It doesn't work if you write it only if you do it in the air.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So it has been a little warm here lately. It makes me want to get out and do yard work. So I have been in sprints. We can only stay out for soo long before the wasps come to say hello. They did end up nesting in our vent above the garage. I am calling an exterminator tomorrow.

While I was weeding in the front yard Brady noticed this fun pilot doing some drawing in the sky. He asks me "mommy why is he making ski turns in the sky?"

Thomas didn't get into the accelerated program :< bummer. So now it goes that I am going to have to help him more so that he doesn't get bored. I am thinking I will also try to get him into the program at his school and volunteer to help with it. His reading is what kept him back his math was of course 100% but reading was only at 27% he just rushes through it. Oh well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MS Walk

So we had a blast the boys did this cute video where we could get some free tshirts. I couldn't watch cause I was gonna cry.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Town Race series All Done

So we finished up the town race series with a fun run on Extrovert. I was exhausted by the end of it but I survived, just couldn't talk for a little bit. Here is our team Lindsey and Lloyd both do telemark and ChipR and I both do downhill. Our team survived an we weren't last woohoo.

This is the gang as we all wait to race. you can't see it but they were handing out shots at the start line. I was working and didn't want to smell like jagermeister so I had some mountain dew. The gentleman who was handing out the shots was nice enough to not let any of them go to waste. I am hoping someone drove him home that day. It was 9:30 in the morning. :>

I survived to the end of the season that was my goal. Now what...hmm.

Friday, April 03, 2009

april snow showers bring happy Heidi's

So the snow is falling and it is awesome. Went to work today after the road being closed and it was awesome. The snow just kept falling all day. I had some skiers that kept asking me when the snow was gonna stop...I told them May.

The gates were so low from all the snow that people where having problems with their tickets for most of the morning until they moved them into there pants. It was a great day and I loved it.

I am so glad that I get to ski this year. Last year I was just trying to survive this silly MS thing.

I am sorry for all of you who want the spring, it will be hot enough soon just deal baby. :>

(These pictures are from April 4th-the next day- there was at least 25 inches of what we call "Lake Effect Snow" light and fluffy, or HEAVEN)