Friday, April 03, 2009

april snow showers bring happy Heidi's

So the snow is falling and it is awesome. Went to work today after the road being closed and it was awesome. The snow just kept falling all day. I had some skiers that kept asking me when the snow was gonna stop...I told them May.

The gates were so low from all the snow that people where having problems with their tickets for most of the morning until they moved them into there pants. It was a great day and I loved it.

I am so glad that I get to ski this year. Last year I was just trying to survive this silly MS thing.

I am sorry for all of you who want the spring, it will be hot enough soon just deal baby. :>

(These pictures are from April 4th-the next day- there was at least 25 inches of what we call "Lake Effect Snow" light and fluffy, or HEAVEN)
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