Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Brady is SKIING

So my little Avalanche has joined the skiing world. We had an issue with Daycare not being open until next week and I had too work. So we had a plan that Brady would go to Grandma's and then I would go pick him up.
Well somehow Brady decided that he wanted to ski, which meant have a lesson, and not be able to go up to the daycare since there was no one there. It was his decision and he wanted to do it. I kept re-asking him.
We tried to do lesson's last year and he wasn't really into it, and it was a huge waste of money.
He was very excited and even boasted to his Brother that he was gonna take a lesson. (he told him as they were going to bed, Clark and I overheard from the den)

So on Tuesday I of course wake up at 3 am worried that Brady is going to freak out and not want to stay. We did have a back up plan that mom would come get him if said freak out happened. It DIDN"T. Mom didn't need to rescue him.

Brady skied all day. The morning was a definite learning time. As the awesome Instructor Rion put it, his muscles needed to learn what to do. Once they did learn they found it much easier and he is actually stopping and turning ON HIS OWN. Not only that he wants to go back. woohoo. So we are taking him back up on Friday. The snow is horrible right now but brady doesn't need the powder to learn. So hopefully for him, not the resort, he will get another Private lesson for the price of a group.

Its amazing what happens when you don't push your children and let them decide on their own. See I can learn from my mistakes. Thank God Tom is still having fun. Now his Brother is going to give him a run for his money.