Monday, June 21, 2010

I don't want to *stamps foot*

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


So I feel like such a slacker for not keeping up with my blog. But here goes. We have been hiking and just having a blast with old friends and new. We are getting the kids outside and into the wilderness. They are learning to cooperate, assimilate with nature and enjoy the out of doors. Well some of them. But they are learning. It is also enjoyable to get out with other moms and just chat, not important to the well being of the world stuff but important for our well being all the same.

I have been also trying to knit more I have finished some projects and am trying to find a new one at this moment. I love it. Just don't talk to me I need to focus. Hopefully that will change with experience.

My children's teeth or going to be the death of my wallet. 4 cavities in one and going to find out today the other one... UGH.

We have been geocaching up a storm and I love it it gets us out finding things we probably wouldn't otherwise. For that I am gratefully.

Do it while you can is my philosophy this summer.

I had a very good friend pass away this summer. It hit me much harder than I thought it would. Probably because he reminded me so much of my dad and my childhood. Being a Mainer you have a bit of an accent. Which always reminds me of my childhood out East. This was a Gentleman who had a lot more life in front of him. It is so sad to see people taken away before you are ready to be done with them. I still wanted to go ski Catherine's Area and so many other places that I have forgotten about up at Alta. Tim and his wife Cathy would show me those places knowing that I had limits but not dwelling on them. Just making sure I was ok. No Smothering no coddling. Just Heidi stop being stupid and use your head. It is very strange and I am going to miss seeing and hearing him up on the Mountain. This is where he will always live in my heart.

Cathy you were like two peas in a pod and I hope we will now be able to join your garden you are an amazing woman and have been through so much I can not wait to give you a huge hug. You were so important in my recovery and I want to return the favor to you.

"Maaatha its Tim"