Sunday, February 07, 2016

Our Winter Skiing Adventures 2016

Since we have gotten the 5th Grade passport and the Yeti Pass to ski all of the Utah Resorts I wanted to give some posts on all the different resorts we have tried.  I am planning on giving each resort their own post.
So we have been to:

Solitude (Big Cottonwood Canyon)

Alta (Little Cottonwood Canyon)

Nordic Valley (Ogden Area)

Beaver Mountain (Logan Area)

Snowbasin (  )

Cherry Peak (Logan Area)

So we will go over:

  • Directions from the main freeway in the area
  • Parking
  • Pass Pricing
  • base area amenities
  • Where to start skiing
  • Areas we enjoyed
  • Where we got warm
  • Eating Accommodations
  • The Good Thing
  • Needs Improvement
  • Hurricane's impression
  • Avalanche's impression
  • Anything extra
  • Overall Feel
  • Links used in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
So far we have had a really good time.

We do use the Ski Utah website on every trip to check for snow totals 
(Holy Cow this year has been incredible) and current weather.

Hope it is helpfully to your family as it was fun for ours.

Have an awesome Ski DAY.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Phone cover

So I have a new phone cover in the making. I wanted to use yarn I already had so it isn't little.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My new purse, TaDa

FW: by haikitay
FW:, a photo by haikitay on Flickr.
She is wearing it and enjoying I don't care how :)

This is the cute little pattern that I made up but based on a pattern I had seen on Ravelry called The Calypso bag.  I am making these for Christmas presents yes it is still Sept.  I am ahead.  So far I have 3 done and one was already given out to this young lady who is finally feeling a little better.  Love you sweety.