Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Garden is IN

Thanks to my neighbors, and buying too many plants for themselves, I got motivated to finally put the garden in.
Planted green onions (thanks Debbie) and peppers (thanks Missa and Cody oh and the guy from work who didn't want them) and thank you Jonnie for watching my tomatoe plant while we were gone.
We are trying watermelon and canteloupe this year. Pumpkins that always seem to grow on their own. Artichokes but I don't think we will have those until next year. I am trying strawberries but so far they are failing we will see. Radishes and cucumbers and Lettuce lots of lettuce.

Oh and our funniest project..Our neighbors directly behind us are no longer living there and the house isn't for sale. They never did anything with their yard..soo we have planted corn lots and lots of corn. The neighbor on the left side of the house used the rototiller and took out half the back yard that was all weeds and they were encrouching on our lawns We have both planted corn. I am so excited. If they end up selling the house they will only have half the yard to rip all the weeds out of and they will have some corn. :> Its a win win in my book.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day

Please take time out of this day to remember those who have died for what we take for granted. Thank You.

(In Ogden, travel wall, of the Vietnam War Memorial)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation time is done

So my vacation is over tomorrow and off we go back to SLC.
The kids are off with daddy and everyone else while I get to enjoy some time by myself in the house.
It is exactly what I need. I LOVE IT.
This vacation has been really fun. The kids got to ride bikes, daddy got to golf twice. They played with their cousin ran around and around a huge deck that is the size of our first condo. :>

I hope everyone has a great memorial day. Now I need to get my child back into school. We were playing hookie this week since I forgot and read the calendar wrong. I thought we went back next week. Oops. he hee.

Now Clark and I finally get to sleep in our new bed together. We haven't done it yet.

(So maybe I should have written That not It, but technically..oh nevermind )