Tuesday, January 27, 2009

more racing and a sunset

So we had some more racing today at Alta the course was great and really fast. More of the team raced so we are doing good.

They were training a ton of avalanche dogs today it was so fun the dogs just bark when they can't play and find the victim. They were so cute. I saw at least 20 of them with there owners going across the rope tow, they were running with or towing there trainers. Hmm I wonder how jake would do. (our cocker spaniel)

Brady and I saw the most amazing sunset tonight. The sun went down with the typical pink and lavendar sky. But this time there was a ray that went up from the sun and was beautiful. The picture I took doesn't have very good coloring but you get the ray effect.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ski racing

So I have started the Alta Town Race Series again. I am not a racer by any stretch of the imagination but it is fun. I laughed the whole way down the course. I had heard from some other racers that it was a hard course. (gates super close together) I asked the gate keeper at the top when I was getting started. "So I hear you added some tricks along the course" He says "I can neither confirm nor deny those accusation's" It was funny.

So here is to a fun season with the Kitten Herders. Go ChipR, Lloyd, Lindsey, TR and ME.

I am running in the Women's B section (out for fun not blood)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So my husband has been figuring out some random facts (he does this a lot in the truck)
By the end of President Obama's first term Our eldest son will be 12 (I feel old). By the end of his 2nd term in office he will be 16 (driving oh god)
Brady will be 8 and 12.

Clark's mother could be the mother of a president. Her eldest son Carl is as old as President Obama.

Clark and I were going into 6th grade when President Obama graduated from High School.

(I keep having to add President to the front of his name I am so used to just using his name by itself.)

The next President that we have will have probably have graduated school within our generation.

I am definitely getting old.

Congratulations President Barack Obama I am proud to be an American.

PS I just finally watched his speech not to shabby Mr. President, now show us your stuff. (and make sure to have dinner with your family)

Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK service day

So the boys and I did it we shoveled a portion of the Legacy Parkway trail. There was a lot of ice under there I tell ya. Brady got bored in about 7 minutes Tom was a trooper and helped me out. We had a quick lunch and then tom road his bike while Brady and I walked along. We did make a dent in this section but will have to go back another day to finish it. (this was the before picture)



I haven't been blogging in soo long. I love reading them I just haven't had time to post on them. So we are trying again. The boys and I are going to go out and do some geocaching and some service as the new president tomorrow has asked. We are headed out to the Legacy Parkway trail and do some shoveling. We will take some pics and post them on here as well. Have a good day.

What did you do for Service today?