Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So my husband has been figuring out some random facts (he does this a lot in the truck)
By the end of President Obama's first term Our eldest son will be 12 (I feel old). By the end of his 2nd term in office he will be 16 (driving oh god)
Brady will be 8 and 12.

Clark's mother could be the mother of a president. Her eldest son Carl is as old as President Obama.

Clark and I were going into 6th grade when President Obama graduated from High School.

(I keep having to add President to the front of his name I am so used to just using his name by itself.)

The next President that we have will have probably have graduated school within our generation.

I am definitely getting old.

Congratulations President Barack Obama I am proud to be an American.

PS I just finally watched his speech not to shabby Mr. President, now show us your stuff. (and make sure to have dinner with your family)
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