Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I really don't like the way pictures work on here so I went back to my mac blog. Be sure to watch the slide show and enjoy the pretty clouds and LOUD airplanes.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The growing list

1. Fence on the side yard--getting estimates now
1.5. Get the deck and pergola done
2. Garage sale
3. teach jake to COME
4. paint the inside of the house
5. make more freezer meals--made yummy breakfast burritos
6. finish painting the big toy (roof need a ladder)
7. Get more of the garden planted--hello it rained all weekend but we put up a garden fence
8. ski stuff put away/washed--getting closer
9. love my family
10. clean the basement...throw stuff out
11. straighten the den find the desk
12. get back on the chore board for the kids they loved it and it helped Brady
13. date night with daddy
14. change the furnace filter--done and we found an old xmas present hidden back there
15. clean under the deck
16. make my moon garden--got the stuff planted now it just needs to grow