Monday, May 03, 2010


We are trying to do some container gardening this year otherwise known as Square Foot Gardening. I found this awesome website it has so many ideas. I am tired already. It says I should have already started my seeds but ya know what I am cheating and buying plants. We tried the seed thing and I failed miserably. SO to enjoy the garden cheat I shall.

I am also trying to get back into freezer cooking. It is so nice to have freezer meals already made and I just heat them up. However that means I need to read the recipe, shop the ingredients and cook them... so far I have only been able to get one of these things done. Shop and since I don't have the time for anything else nothing else is occuring. UGH.

I want to get a fence. We got our tax return and thought this was the perfect time. Then I got the bid. We have enough BUT..then I remembered I wanted to do the tree thing where you grow trees on wires and have them make the fence. UGH. I am sick of the neighbors dog pooping in my yard. I don't want the fence to be too high like the back fence where I have resorted to putting anything cement in the holes that the dam.. dogs dig. Yes Missa one of your curbing sections is in a hole. That is another reason I don't want the fence. When I told the bid dude that I wanted the sections close to the ground. He said we will try hard but the ground isn't level yada yada. yeah the ground isn't level you are going down a hill. I don't want the fence to be as high as it is in the front yard so dig the damn post down further. I really don't want something else to not go the way I want with this house. ie. windows. Its a big expense and I am balking big time. UGH