Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So it has been a little warm here lately. It makes me want to get out and do yard work. So I have been in sprints. We can only stay out for soo long before the wasps come to say hello. They did end up nesting in our vent above the garage. I am calling an exterminator tomorrow.

While I was weeding in the front yard Brady noticed this fun pilot doing some drawing in the sky. He asks me "mommy why is he making ski turns in the sky?"

Thomas didn't get into the accelerated program :< bummer. So now it goes that I am going to have to help him more so that he doesn't get bored. I am thinking I will also try to get him into the program at his school and volunteer to help with it. His reading is what kept him back his math was of course 100% but reading was only at 27% he just rushes through it. Oh well.
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