Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mother Nature

So we paid for my silly prescription that costs way to much money. But I have it and that is that. I am writing this in response to what happened today. My boys are recovering from strep throat and doing very well I might add. I was watching the situation unfold at Little Cottonwood Canyon. I say watching more like seeking out any info I could. They closed LCC last night at 9. They were anticipating to open at 8:30am. That time came and went and it moved on to 9:30. They opened and closed within an hour. There were more slides and they interlodged everyone. Which means get inside it is dangerous out there. You are not allowed to be on the snow you need to be in a building. EVERYONE. They did finally open the road back up but both resorts snowbird and alta are running a half ship. Only two lifts at Alta and the backside is closed at snowbird with only one run off the tram.

This is a reminder that mother nature is in control. DON'T piss her off. According to ch 13 there were three slides in lcc after patrol work and udot had done there avalanche work. Which means they shot it, it didn't move, they gave the all clear and it MOVED anyway. People come up and get mad that things aren't open. They think they are making cutbacks its a sign of the times too bad. I have to say NO I don't think so. They are doing everything they can to make you safe sometimes mother nature just has other ideas. Stay safe everyone. We are playing in her back yard not ours ask permission and have fun.
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