Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Insurance companies, ugh

It was interesting to read your take on health care. I would like to say I have no political party. I just want what I want. Let me tell you the story that I have gone through today and why I think we should have a change in our health care system.

Our prescription insurance was recently changed. Therefore I had to call the new company to get my old prescription transferred over. I was told that I had to pay before they would ship the new prescription (that I have been on for 1 year and 2 months) $875 for a 30 day supply. This same prescription one month ago cost me $50. This I should state is not just a one time thing I need this therapy every month. I of course balked and said hang on why is it so expensive now when it wasn't last month. I was told by the insurance company that my prescription is not on their preferred prescription list. I should change to one that is. The insurance professional had the gall to mention another prescription that was on there list maybe I should change and try it. I proceeded to fume in to my telephone stating to the insurance person who I am assuming is not a dr and should not be providing any medical knowledge to someone they are talking to on the phone..That I have already tried the other authorized therapy and it didn't Work for me. MY DR, prescribed this therapy that is working and I haven't had any relapses while on it. I still do not have my shots and only have 1 left of my current monthly dose.

My gripe is that the insurance companies have been able to get away with to much riga-ma-roll they are out for their pockets and if something is not done to check those companies... When you get sick you will have to be on the phone for at least 3 days trying to get insurance companies and Dr's to answer the phone calls that you need answered. Then you can get stuck in the endless voicemail loops because no one really wants to talk on the phone any more because they might have to do something. Or sell your house because that is the only way you are going to be able to pay for anything. Without insurance my Rebif is $2,200/month.

So I guess the end game is Don't get sick especially don't get 'need further treatment sick' that might make the insurance companies have to lose some of the money that you pay them so diligently every month.
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