Thursday, August 08, 2013

fun times that almost didn't happen

So today my husband saved the day.

I volunteered to go down to The Harmon's Store at City Creek to help Bob and Randy deliver their check to the MS Society.  Last night I wasn't feeling up to it.  I realized that we couldn't take the train like I wanted it would have cost us $36 since the group pass is not sold until 10 am and we needed to be downtown at 9:30 am.

I had the shirts all divvied up last week.  I was wearing the "I have MS shirt", Clark was in a "Heidi's heroes" T-shirt, Tom was in the 'MS bike ride' t-shirt, and brady had on the "spokes jersey" Since his lemonade stand made some donations to my team.

We were all dressed and waiting for Clark to get home from some of his errands.  I had wanted to leave at 8:15am, Clark knew this.  It is 7:45am, I go out to get the car ready.  I get the rack on no problem and then go to pull out my bike.  Flat tire, crap.  I had gone for a ride with Clark Wednesday and ridden over one weed that I shouldn't have.  I was able to get the goat head out of my front tire, apparently I missed the back tire.  I tried to pump it up and it went flat again.  Double crap.  Karma was trying to tell me something. It is now 8:30.

Clark comes home and I am fuming to say the least.  I proceed to tell him I don't want to go.  Maybe we can go without the bikes.  He looks at me after a ten minute rant, and says
       "we are going to go, we are going to bring the bikes, you are doing this wearing that shirt for all the people that can't ride their bikes and be out there, you are there to support them like they supported you during the ride, we are going."

With tears in my eyes I shake my head yes and watch him as he takes my tire off my bike and fixes it.

The car gets loaded the boys get seated and we make it to Harmon's at 9:25am.

I am very glad that we went even if we weren't on the Harmon's team and we had our Mountain bikes. It felt good.
Thank You Honey.
You are my IronMan
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