Sunday, April 14, 2013

coming back

So I am getting back to Blogging since the computer has been gifted. I just hope this one lasts as long as my other one did.  12 years not to shabby.

Ski season has ended again and now we are on to the summer chapter.  It is looking like baseball is in the mix for Thomas this year.  I will continue their swimming lessons as well.  It helps so much with muscle tone on their tall growing bodies.

Knitting is going to be in the mix a ton as well.  I am wanting to do some dying but that may need to wait one more year.  We shall see.  As Brady put it mom now that you don't have to work both jobs you can knit all the time.

practicing pictures this was exactly a year ago, the boys hiking with the grandparents and uncle and cousin.  Thomas is now the same height as gramma.  And it doesn't look like he is stopping anytime soon.

We did do a ton of skiing this year Thomas had a sixth grade passport so did one of our cousins and a family friend.  We made it to Brighton, Solitude, Snowbasin, Eagle Mountain, Canyons, Deer Valley and of course Alta.  It was great fun.  Brady finally figured out what all the skateboards were that people used at other resorts. (snowboards)  He was also able to understand that he can ski anywhere he doesn't need to be afraid.  They did have a better understanding though when we went with the cousins that they can be a little more aggressive, the cousins are the same age and ski racers at Brighton, they have NO FEAR.

More updates more frequently Have a fun day.
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