Saturday, July 07, 2012

Blossom Headbands

Here is Thomas since he won't let me cut his hair I am resorting to other means.  This is actually a present for a  young lady who is turning 9.  This is a really quick pattern it took me maybe an hour and 15 minutes total to make.  Blossom headbands out of kntgrrl 2
Our new neighbors across the street just had a surprise birth they weren't due for 10 more weeks.  So I also used some of my cute girly yarn and made them a little one too.

Brayden wanted have a white one which meant he would be a ninja.  So that was completed and this was the result.  These are so fun and quick to make.  You want one let me know.

I am thinking he wanted white to go with his white tae kwon do belt.

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