Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Apron and Chapeau

So in this blog we have our Egg pickin' apron.  This is a mommy design from two different patterns I liked.  The first was for a halter top, the second was for a cute dress that has a pocket all away around the bottom.  I had received some fun yarn from a girlfriend that was moving to Florida.  She wanted to get rid of her stash it is cute just not baby soft.  This apron will be shipped to my cousins daughters on the farm.  The pockets will be perfect for treasures they find our eggs that need to be brought into the house.

The second is the Sophia Chapeau.  This hat was made for a toothbrush holder that was made from pottery, gorgeous.  Thank you Amy.  Use it every day.  I have actually made two hats one ended up being small so it is for little sister or her Mandy doll.  I learned how to do an I-cord with this design that is the center of the flower.  I hope Miss Sophia likes it.
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