Monday, March 01, 2010

My Best Birthday

So I admit I have the best two little boys in the world. The day started actually the night before. T. told me that he wanted to give me a surprise. I was not allowed to go into the car or open my lunch box. OK. It then continued and I was not allowed to leave my bed. He and his brother had been setting something up on the floor and I couldn't peek. So I was good and didn't peek. I am awoken at 4:30am to hearing T's alarm going off. He proceeds to very quietly come into my room and place the bed tray over my sleeping form. As I wake up he places a Kit-Kat, a breakfast bar and 2 candy canes on the tray, which had been placed in a Tupperware container the night before. He also gives me one half of Battleship he has the other half and jumps up onto the bed. The kid was bursting from excitement he was so happy. I gave him a huge hug and said buddy we don't have to be up for an hour (work day) why don't we go back to bed. He agrees and we fall back asleep and wake up when my alarm goes off.
The day proceeds as normal. I have an I Love You note in my lunchbox and B. gave me a breakfast bar. He made sure I knew it was from him.
I get off work and head down to my parents house. Dad has picked T. up from school and they have set up a treasure hunt in the house. Tom made all the signs and again is bursting with pride.
It made it all worth while that my hubby wasn't home until Saturday night.
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