Friday, February 19, 2010


I find a need to apologize to said skier for somehow ruining there day by calling their son Mr. Smith. ( the names have been changed ) Apparently on some level this severely insulted the man and I was chastised for it. 3 times. Still not quite sure how I insulted him so badly. It was a new one to me. I have been taught to treat people with respect and formality. Apparently that is not the case in this family. Instead it is to publicly chastise someone in their workplace repeatedly and make sure to pump there chest up so there son knows how important they are and to teach said son that it is very proper to put a woman in her place and make sure she knows about it. I am so hoping and will now remember this episode and NEVER do this in front of my children. ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU A>>HOLE.
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