Friday, August 07, 2009


So we decided to head down to Mom and Dads condo. I love coming down here. No pressure to clean the whole house do all the laundry see the weeds that need to be pulled.. Relax. well other than trying to keep the kids quiet, Tom is used to it but Brady and Jake are not.

When we got here there was a fox playing in the backyard. Jakey wanted to eat it but we didn't think that was prudent.

Clark got home last night just in time for my girlfriend to come pick me up and we went and met some other friends for dinner. It was great conversation and luckily the restaurant wasn't crowded. We got there at 7:30 and stayed until at least 11. Chatting chatting chatting. The ladies I was with were friends from the first playgroup that Tom and I joined when I stopped working at Eddie Bauer. The kids are growing up and two of us have moved away but we can talk like we just got together last week. It was so fun. Even had the same dickering over the bill when we were all done. Fun times.

Here's to friendship. Cheers.
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