Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So we had our corn it was doing good the weeds weren't too bad. Then the house was sold at auction. The gentleman who bought is fixing up the inside and then will flip it. Can you imagine living in a house with only one bathroom. It is kinda like living without the ability to have cable probably. You can do it but it isn't easy.

So I digress, the corn is gone. The backhoe came and ripped it all out yesterday. He had an audience of about 5 kids watching from the big toy, with his big cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Lovely. So I had to change the sprinkling system so it would stop spraying the now dirt. My lovely very tall neighbor came over and helped, Thank you.

The new flipper wants to lay down a sprinkling system and sod. Great Idea but he has a bit of a flooding problem in his yard. So I tried to explain that it isn't from the sprinkling systems of the neighbors it is when it rains and snows there is a bit of a flood in the back yard. So I was able to find some pics that I had taken of the snow last year and was able to show him the areas that are problematic. I hope it helps. Oh well. I hope the people that buy it are happy with what he does. Hopefully they will want a fence and then things will be hunky dory. But then I won't get my trees so oh I don't know. Life is always changing and that what makes it so fun.
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