Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Proud Mommy

We were going over Thomas' homework this morning and he mentioned that the teacher was correcting the classes Math homework with his paper. She was holding his paper while everyone checked there own work. he was so proud and so is his Mumma.

On a funny note jake has learned to pee and poop on command. He goes outside and if we are in a hurry I tell him, "Jakey go Potty" and I will be damned if he does. Ah the little things make life so much nicer.

We have also gotten back on board with Flylady and it has been very nice to have a clean 1st floor. Babysteps I am still working on the upstairs.

We also had ski racing this week again. I moved up in the rankings. Thank god it was snowy since I hadn't sharpened my ski's. I came in 12 this week. Much better than the previous weeks 16th woohoo.
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