Monday, March 23, 2009


So my son got a good sense or mortality this week. My father decided to have a testosterone race with my mothers cousin. Cousin just bought a new Porsche and dad has one at home in his garage. They of course were talking about them so dad was skiing way to fast to prove his car was faster??? I don't know I guess it is a guy thing.

It was icy on the run he was on. Instead of hitting the people on the side of the trail, he aimed for a tree. Well what he didn't know was behind said tree there was a drop off and then a cement patio and a bbq. Yes Dad ended up hitting all 3.

After a trip under his own power to the Alta Clinic they transferred him to Alta View Hospital who later transferred him to the IHC Trama Unit. Long story shorter he broke two bones on his C4 vertibrae in his neck. I will call them the fingers off the back of the bone. He is fine just very sore. Especially his lower back and hip. He has to wear a collar when he is in a car or walking around but other than that there is nothing he can do but be calm and not too active.

So the mortality lesson came to Thomas. When you hear "he broke his neck" It means dead to an 8 year old. Brady handled it very well a little shy until he realized grandpa could still talk and was relatively normal. Thomas was worried. I wanted to take him up skiing as soon as we could. He wanted to get his ski's sharpened and he didn't want to go on Supreme (where grandpa had the accident) So we went up for a leiserly day. The plan was to take pictures of the scene and show Tom that everything was ok and it was just an accident. We went to lunch and then he said his stomach hurt (nerves) so I said well lets just go up Supreme and then we will go home. Skied to the spot took a ton of pics and we were on our way. I talked to Tom and he realized that everything was fine and grandpa will be up skiing in 4 weeks.

What is so crazy is Dad came out to help me in case something happened and I couldn't finish out the season like last year. Apparently things weren't exciting enough and dad was feeling unwanted so he changed the game. :>
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