Monday, February 02, 2009


So my hubby is the worst at keeping secrets when it comes to presents.

He had my GPS for officially 5 hours before he gave it to me. My birthday was still 26 days away. He gave it unwrapped and said here now lets go hiking. So we did. We went to the Legacy Parkway Trail and tried to find 4 different geocaches. We found one. But we had a blast. We also learned about CITO kits (cache in trash out) We ended up picking up at least a six pack of beer cans and 3 bottles. So overall it was a fun day. We definitely got a walk in.

Now I am trying to figure out all the buttons and how to use the silly thing. I think this may actually take more time than facebook. Now when will my house get clean...hmm.

On a funny note my dad and I went skiing on Sunday while Tom was in his lesson. I made him stop at the bottom of every lift and the top so I could mark the elevation, where there were bathrooms all the important stuff it was so fun. If I left it on it would even track were I was on the hill and make lines on the screen as to where I skied.

Thanks for my present honey I love it. (we did have success finding 4 caches throughout the weekend, got skunked by like 10 but one was under 100 inches of snow and one had been muggled)

Anyone want to join us?

(the pic is from last week driving down the canyon that should be a Honda between the two subarus)
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