Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ranting about the planet

Has anyone else heard about the perils that our happening on earth. We are killing our lifesource. When I say that, it is everything we have come to live on. The earth as my husband puts it will prevail. The ice caps will melt because of all the carbon that they are finding in the ice. The black particals are heating up and melting the ice around it. Therefore the ice is melting. Because of this the walrus' have had to move down to the land to give birth, alaska and russia. This can't be good for that species when they get scared (the russians watched this happen) they stampede as only a walrus can and they will try to get back into the water. They don't see what they are stampedeing over. They can kill the little walrusus and any small cows that are near them in there frenzy to get into the water. They are being scared from airplanes and loud noises that they are not familiar with. They had too move because the ice cap is too far away from their food source. We have made mistakes and now others are having to deal with it.


I am trying to think of things to do myself.

1. Cut down on driving
walk my kid to school
walk/ride bikes to the grocery store
2. don't turn up the heat when I get a chill, put on a sweatshirt.
3. open the drapes when the sun is out to help heat up the house

Any ideas anyone else has I would love to hear. I have more control on my house than I did my condo and I want to take advantage of that. I just wish we could put up solar panels. We have sun it seems like 300 days a year. Why not use that.

People are worried that we are killing our earth. We are and we aren't, we are killing the earth that we have become accustomed too. The earth will adapt and continue. We might just not survive because of what it turns into. There are other planets still around they just don't have life as we know it on them.

As the last part of my rant I am way more worried about this than I am about any war. Yes the war is killing people in a certain region from many countries. But this will kill everyone and everything. That concerns me much more.

I did receive most of the information from the yahoo webpage and CNN is doing a show at the end of Oct called "Our Planet in Peril" I know info from the internet. Hey the news media isn't talking about it I gotta get it from somewhere. Why isn't this as inportant.
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