Friday, October 05, 2007


They are out there and I always let them expire. So my neighbors the sweeties that they are dragged me to a coupon class at the Standard Examiner. It was fun I learned a ton. ie you can use coupons at Target. There is also this cool website that shows you how to do it all. It has the coupons and tells you werer the best deals are and in what store. I call this the leg work and the total reason I stopped doing coupons it was too hard. SO I need to get a coupon brain. i have two boys for pete sake I will go broke with out it. So I am learning and it is not easy. The web site is kindof confusing to use I need to figure it out though and I will be better off. So here is to learning a new thing and actually earning a paycheck if I save 50 with coupons that is my paycheck. hey I know straws grasping but who knows it might work. I JUST NEED TO DO IT.
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