Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Vacation, California Land

We couldn't have had more fun!!!!
We surprised the boys and took them to Disneyland and Legoland California.
I was nervous Clark wouldn't like it but he said he did.

We were able to enjoy cousins in Moses Lake and cousin in Seattle. Saw movies and went on a fun Ferry ride.  Oh and did I mention the weather in Seattle never got over 85 degrees!  Much better than today at home it is 102 ugh.

Yes they were a little confused but t. figured it out
Disney vacation started with a treasure hunt around Alderwood mall. The boys finally figured out all of their clues and we left the next morning!!!
This is the Gordon-Taylor clan headed to orange county via san francisco.

This was T. and I when we first got to the hotel and yes He is being a good sport and is an inch taller than me.
The Disneyland Hotel had a small room but the amenities were incredible.  We were able to get into the parks at 7am everyone else could come in at 8am.  Oh so worth it.  We were able to get into all of the fun rides before everyone else.

We would run around the park until breakfast stop and eat why the lines filled up.  By the time they would taper off we would be putting away our trays and go out and enjoy more of the day.
Waiting in line to get in the cars at radiator springs

Perfect scenario.  It never got vey hot it was warm but not Hot.  I also implemented the hankerchief on the wrist cool down method.  It worked like a charm. We would play with the family until after lunch and then go off on our own.  When you go on vacation with family everyone gets pulled in different directions so this worked well for our sanity and kept the peace with the family.  Well at least it did on our end.  

Watching the Color of the world was awesome the colors and the water displays were fun it does make for a long day so I highly suggest a nap around four, wake up when the temperature starts to drop.

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