Wednesday, June 27, 2012

back to knitting we go

So it has been a super long time since I have posted anything.  Reason One my computer got too old and I still don't want to let her go we had a lot of good years together.  I have gone to using a nook tablet to do all my reading of blogs and fb.  However, I have been unable to type on said tablet so no updating the blog.  Reason Two life kind of took over.
The ski season is over and did we have a good time, a very good time.  My hubby quit his truck driving job and now he is HOME every day.  I have to say I was a little nervous about this change but it is going really well.  He is losing weight and I am gaining which has needed to happen for a long time.  Ever need anything delivered pls par take of your shopping at your local Lowes.
So I am knitting up a storm and once I find and connect my camera to the computer that hubby has rigged up in the den I will show more pics this is what I have so far.

This shows my halloween costume which consisted of knitted sleeves and a corset.  Very interesting to learn short rows and a linen stitch.  I also created a pattern for my sleeves.  Very fun and satisfying overall Bellatrix Lestrange the Heidi version.  I am here dueling Molly Weasley aka Heather N.
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