Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My awesome hubby

Clark helping B. on his Orientation to Kindergarten

So my awesome Husband has been working on his degree for a few years. Business Management from South University Online. He is able to do some of his work when he can find wifi on the road and at Sean's house, my parents, his parents, an awesome company that lets him use the office after hours in Canada.

It has been rough. He doesn't have the time he wants for the boys, for the dog, to get any of his honey-dos done. He wants to spend quality time with the family and he has to do his Homework. It gets him down but we are getting through it.

He has also been getting this all done while working and sustaining a full time job while on the road. Being a Truck Driver is a huge pain in the butt. He is gone out of the house at least 5 days a week. We have very good phone conversations! The boys are also getting better at expressing themselves to daddy on the phone. Clark even helps T. study his spelling words (he does a much better job than I do, giving T. the word I have found is not very beneficial to learning) He also lets me call him when I am ready to throw the children out the window he lets me scream at him instead of the boys. It is a huge lifesaver.

Being on the road Clark feels he has missed out on so much. We do our part to include him in everything that we do. Talk online, talk on the phone and share tons of pictures over the phone and on the computer. He is looking forward to being home and being able to participate in all this stuff.

It will be interesting to have another adult home. We will be able to get a lot more projects done. We won't just have to plan them out. The house will have more wear and tear. We are going to go through a ton more food. I might actually cook a dinner. It is a real downer to only cook for T. and I and have b. decide he won't even eat before he sits at the table. Arrgh.

Honey I am very proud of you. And I want everyone to know it. It may seem like a pain in the bum but we are almost done and you can feel accomplished because you AAAARRRREEEE.
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