Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation time is done

So my vacation is over tomorrow and off we go back to SLC.
The kids are off with daddy and everyone else while I get to enjoy some time by myself in the house.
It is exactly what I need. I LOVE IT.
This vacation has been really fun. The kids got to ride bikes, daddy got to golf twice. They played with their cousin ran around and around a huge deck that is the size of our first condo. :>

I hope everyone has a great memorial day. Now I need to get my child back into school. We were playing hookie this week since I forgot and read the calendar wrong. I thought we went back next week. Oops. he hee.

Now Clark and I finally get to sleep in our new bed together. We haven't done it yet.

(So maybe I should have written That not It, but technically..oh nevermind )
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