Thursday, February 12, 2009

winter break

So Thomas is off track again and we are skiing and about to have a crazy life. Friends coming from out of town, 4 birthdays just in our family, moving the house around again, skiing skiing skiing. Fun stuff all around.

Fun skiing story:
Thomas has been doing his lessons on Sundays. It is always fun to hear the escapades. This week he was skiing along and hit a little tree under the snow. Said tree flips him over and he loses his ski and his BOOT. It was still attached to the ski. He was smart enough too not put his foot in the snow. His instructor Adam came over and helped him find his boot and then put boot and ski back on his foot.
So then of course he was afraid to lean forward because he thought he would flip over again. We got some pointers from Barb that he need to feel the pillows in the front of his boots. I'll be danged but it works like a charm. He isn't leaning back as far and even went over a jump which he was afraid to do.

Will Brayden ski?? Ah, that is a big no.
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