Thursday, February 26, 2009


So it is going to be a much more happy birthday this year. My husband has been making it last all month (he also can't keep a secret to save his life) So we are doing good so far.
One thing I have come to realize with this diagnosis of MS is don't take things for granted. I try to remember to tell my kids I love them and appreciate them everyday. There have been times during my medicinal regiment that I can't give hugs. I have to tell you that hurts more than the shots and IV's. So please for my birthday give your family and those that mean something in your life hugs and kisses and a hearty handshake. Let them know that you care. There may come a time that you can't and don't regret that you never told them. I have been given that back and I am grateful everyday.
Here is to 50+ more years of laughs and hugs.
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