Monday, December 03, 2007

The Taylor's version of 25 Days

So I have taken a note from a young lady from another Blog twenty five days (haven't figured out how to link it look on the side list. She has such a nice idea to do. She is essentially doing good deeds for her neighbors, earning money with recycling taking it to charities etc. We are going more low key. We are being nice to our family and learning how to help one another out. So far it is going well.

Day 1:hurricane=Behaved very good at our first Sleepover away from home that was not a relative.
avalanche=Was a god boy at his sleepover as well, it was a relative.

Day 2:hurricane=helped clean the toy room when it was all his brothers stuff
avalanche=helped put away the books

Day 3:hurricane=helped set the breakfast dishes and cleaned his room and got things ready for school
avalanche=helped set the dinner dishes and had a very successful potty day
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