Monday, December 24, 2007

more good deeds

So we haven't been posting we have busy. So here is a bit of a recap.
We have finally started getting snow again so we are helping our neighbor with his driveway. However it is more of a race as to who gets out there first.
My husband and I went down to the neighbors who never seem to get there driveway shoveled and did theirs while they were at grandma's. (we did add a little U of U to the lawn just for good measure. They root for BYU )
My husband saw a Woman trying to get up a hill and stopped the car to give her a hand up the slippery slope.
We thanked the people that we saw working tonight (xmas Eve) for working so we could enjoy the Nutcracker and a delicious dinner.

It has been so fun to think of good deeds to do to make others day. I have been enjoying this.
Happy Holidays.
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