Sunday, December 09, 2007

day 7-9

Day 7 Missed it mommy was at work
Day 8 Helped clean our neighbors driveway after the snow so it looks like someone is home. The boys helped there daddy clean off our drieway as well while mommy was at work.
Day 9 Bought a gift for Toys for Tots while we were looking at presents for our friends.

I had something happen again this year. I am driving to work on a Saturday morning around 7 am going on the freeways through down town Salt Lake City. The next thing I know there are lights and police cars everywhere on the freeway. Its not an accident the hundreds of police cars are driving about 50 miles an hour with sirens and lights blaring. The cars are all in a line driving from I-15 to I-80. If you look closely you can see a little person in the cars looking at the beauty in the dark morning. When I saw this last year I was panicked and sad. For one people are driving very defensively but it makes it very confusing the state troppers and police are all in the left lane, that is where everyone feels they need to go. We do try to listen in Traffic safety move to the left move to left. So everyone is trying to figure out what is going on.

LAST year I drove with them from i-15 to i-80 and got off in Sugarhouse. I had called my aunt who was waiting for me to carpool and told her I would be late it looks like it is a huge acident. Many of us had pulled over to let them go until we realized this was a train of cars and would take over 15 minutes there where so many, so we just kept driving defensively. I began to think it must be a funeral procession and someone had passed that belonged with the police force. Well I thought this until after I picked up my aunt and we continued on the same procession and I saw all the cops parked at the local KMart. They had been going to the "shop with a cop"

I had tried to find information on this for like the next two days. Find some kind of information about what a good job they were doing ... nothing was mentioned but a small snippet on the news. Nothing that it deserved. I was unable to find information this year as well.

The local news choppers need to get up there and see what a cool sight this is. The police and state troppers stretch forever with all their lights blaring and sirens going. Those kids must be having a blast. I am glad that I have to work on Saturday mornings and I have been able to see this awesome occurance and now it makas me smile. Merry Christmas.

(I even had to call my Aunt again this year even though we weren't carpolling, woke her up, but I know she would realize how fun it was. Well that and my husband was still asleep)
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